Green Earth Natural Foods • 860 Divisadero Street • San Francisco, CA 94117
415-922-6418 •

The neighborhood family-owned and operated health food store that I love. Cage-free eggs, breads delivered daily, and good organic produce. There's a fresh, delicious salad/deli bar (cold foods) with a small and satisfying array of vegetarian options including noodles, curried vegetables, chickpeas, dolmas, hard-boiled eggs and other freshly-prepared foods for those days you don't have time or energy to cook. They've got bulk bins with the usual goods like nuts, seeds, trail mixes, spices, granola, cereals, grains etc. The prices are competitive, some things are higher or lower than similar stores, but I'm happy to pay a few extra cents to support this place because of it's quality food and convenience. Good food, good people, and great location for me.
– Rani G., San Francisco, CA

Green Earth has become my go-to grocery place ever since I moved to Divis. I wish their produce section was larger, but then it's the best amongst all the other grocery stores in the area. They have a wide variety of ethnic and organic foods (Whole Foods like, but perhaps a tad cheaper). And most importantly, they always have yogurt stocked up, which is good because I'm a yogurt lover.
– Srivatsan S., San Francisco, CA

Green Earth wins. They're open later than you'd think and pack an excellent variety of goods into their space – always coming through when I need some random ingredient for a spur of the moment dish. Prices are as expected from a small family-run organic market, which is to say higher than average, but not exorbitant.
+ Unbruised organic bananas
+ Variety of eggs ranging from plain ol' white to organic pastured brown eggs
+ Avocado icecream
+ Ridiculous sauce and dressing selection
Extra credit for Karim, the old guy. He reminds of my grandma. She was scary then softened up and got friendlier, but only underneath a forever layer of slight grumpiness and grunts, which made it all the more enjoyable when she cracked a smile.
– Phoebe G., San Francisco, CA

I love Green Earth Natural Foods! One block from our house *so convenient* and it is a family owned and run business. Their expansion (which doubled their size) has allowed more room for a salad cart and more items. An all organic wine selection, Middle Eastern specialty condiments and foods, house made hummus in spicy and regular (which surpasses Bi Rite's in a way that defies explanation) and an extensive cosmetics section. GENF's is on the pricey side but one must pay for the convenience. Where else am I able to select between at least three different types of Harissa?
– Lara O., San Francisco, CA

Love this neighborhood market. For a small market you can get almost all your grocery needs here. I love the selection of organic and local products they have.
– Wayne L., Washington, DC

Green Earth expanded their store size about a year ago. They added a nice salad bar and increased their selection by about a third. The reason I like this store so much is that they're a complete grocery store. In addition to the usual bulk items, organic meat and dairy, fair trade items etc., they carry every day essentials like trash bags (recycled plastic of course), pet products, diapers, paper towels. I think of this place as a mini Wholefoods. The owner is usually there in the daytime working on the floor. He's very knowledgeable about food trends and has even brought a few items into the store at my request over the last 10 years. Every neighborhood needs a store like this.
– Chris H., San Francisco, CA

Great little natural foods market. It has everything you would hope it does. Of course the prices are little high, but that's standard for the quality of food you can purchase here. Glad they're in my neighborhood!
– Joshua K., San Francisco, CA

Green Earth has the same awesome vegan/gluten-free/healthy hippie food that I love, and has prices that are comparable or cheaper than Rainbow or Whole Foods. The fact that they're way closer than either of above-mentioned stores makes it an easy win. Also, they carry the Chia Kombucha that I've recently gotten hooked on as well as Daiya cheese, so this place is all good with me.
– Rick K., San Francisco, CA

Green Earth Natural Foods • 860 Divisadero Street • San Francisco, CA 94117
415-922-6418 •